Bioline Jato

The power of nature at the service of beauty

Bioline from 1980 on the beauty front. For more than twenty years Bioline has been the reliable partner of Beauty & Wellness professionals, providing innovative and safe answers for any beauty problem.

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Bioline offers professional beauty treatments based on natural active principles and whole product lines designed and developed to satisfy all beauty requirements. From anti-age lines to specific products for delicate, young skin, to professional and cosmetic body care treatments.
Each product is developed in every detail with the greatest care, to offer beauty centers and their customers a personalized service covering all age groups and skin types.


Reveillance-Global Antioxidant Shield

Reveillance – the fist antioxidant face treatment with nanostructures

c&r evalution

Botu Peptide Eye Treatment

CAVIAR & RETINOL EVOLUTION for delicate areas


Caviar & Retinol Treatment

Visibly improves and tones wrinkled & sagging skin


Derouge Treatment

Sensitive, Fragile Capillary & dehydrated skins

bioline product2

Grand Reveil Treatment

Reduces wrinkle skin spots and hyperkeratosis

New Age

Pollution strained,,Tired & Prematurely Aged Skin, skin to appear clearer, luminous and soft

Puractive Treatment

Puractive is designed for oily & acne prone skin.

Supreme Lift Q10 Treatment

Visibly smoother,firmer and fine lines attenuated.


Vintage 79

Essential & versatile ingredients combining serums, creams & masks, and offering a wide variety of basic treatments