bioline wellness idea
Wellness Programme

The WELLNESS programme of JATO WELLNESS IDEA by Bioline proposes a series of TREATMENTS with natural products, taking advantage of the beneficial, relaxing and rebalancing properties that nature itself puts at our disposal.

The line, characterized by treatments in tune with the holistic vision of health and well being, aims at creating the “TOTAL WELL BEING CABIN”, with welcoming wave of inviting scents. Warm and hot compresses, aromatic essences, hay and high mountain flowers, honey, apples, wild berries and soft fruit extracts, enriched with precious plant oils and spa water, alternate and overlap in our routines, complementing each other and producing some natural, very agreeable treatments, combining the pleasure of recharging oneself and feeling fit with the cosmetic efficacy and a sensation of well being: Beauty.



Risveglio in bellezza

The body skin is smoothened, stimulated and oxygenated thanks to the beneficial properties of grapes, wild berries, fruit acids and vitamin C

Elisir di Vita

Against oxidative stress and free radicals

Armonia Alpestre

The skin is freed of toxins and purified by the proven efficacy of hay and alpine flowers.

Rugiada del Mattino

A unique hydration, a physical sense of well being reminding of meadows, dew and fresh flower scents.

Energia Vitale

Dry skin is no longer a problem: extracts from apple, apricot and mountain honey are an ideal mix to nourish and regenerate the skin and make it more elastic.