digi-esthetiques® m a s s a g e

"Chi" for beauty beyond skin deep. SOTYHS' philosophy is .."Beauty is Everything."

Beauty is about the peace of mind & harmony with spirit, soul and body.

What is Digi-Esthetiques Massage Technique?

Digi-Esthetique is a specialized massage method using a holistic approach dedicated to the harmony of the person as well as the beauty of the skin. Digi-Esthetique massage is a combination of 3 unique methods:

1.            From the East: Digito-pressure with slow successions of deep, relaxing finger pressures on energy meridian to balance and realign energy level.

2.            From West: Modelling Massage that tones, warms, improve blood circulation and relaxes.

3.            Draining movement to promote the elimination of toxin and waste matter through the lymphatic and blood systems.

What is the benefit of Digi-Esthetique Massage?

-              Acts on the psyches, bringing calm and serenity.

-              Revitalized the skin and improve elasticity.

-              Relaxes facial, scalp and neck muscles

-              Stimulates micro-circulation (bringing nutrients to the skin)

-              Improve skin tone

-              Promotes lymphatic drainage (detoxifying)

-              Increase cellular exchanges

MERIDIAN beneficial effect

Leading Vessel (Yang Meridian)

Restore state of calm and helps to achieve balance between physical and mental

Vessel Conception (Yin Meridian)

For relaxation and well being

Stomach (Yang Meridian)

Promote micro circulation and stimulate lymphatic system

Triple Heater (Yang Meridian)

improve skin tone

Bladder (Yang Meridian)

For dull skin: clearing up of the complexion and texture

Large Intestine (Yang Meridian)

Helps to hydrate the tissue thus giving the skin's a smooth & youthful look

Small Intestine (Yang Meridian)

Clear up the face, increase purity of complexion

Gall Bladder

Reactivate the skin vitality at the changes of season and help to better absorb of vitamins