Kelawei Road

In early 2007, Facework, in reminiscence of yesteryears’ elegance, decided to set up at 65 Kelawei Road, a place with abounding legacy, a place that witnessed glamour in the shade of quiet rain trees while zephyr came across the sea...


A Dash of Nostalgia


Today, you drive up to the front door of this institute-like heritage. Push through the heavy glass door and leaves the busy city behind you. An experience awaits. We have restored the sophistication of past decades. High ceiling confers a cooling spaciousness. Calm and serenity emanates in the warm lights. Entire colour tone and furniture are conscientiously set to propagate the bygone grace. Nostalgia kindles on the seasoned Nyonya floor tiles.

It is a fine place to spend a few hours in our private polysensorial cabins while our experienced aestheticians attend to your beauty well being.

Address: 65 Kelawei Road 10250 Penang Malaysia
Tel: +604 2293737 / 228 2130
Business hour: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11am - 7pm
Closed on Monday