Volumizing Reflectives

NIOXIN® Volumizing Reflectives™ adds virtually weightless volume to fine hair and is formulated with natural botanicals and rich humectants and ingredients free from damaging alcohol, animal proteins and PVP film formers.

Bliss Thermal Protector (Available in: 200ml e 6.8floz; 500ml e 16.9floz)
Bliss Thermal Protector is a leave-in conditioner and detangler repairs cuticle damage and increases the strength of hair, helping to restore resilience and shine. Provides thermal protection and improves moisture balance without adding weight.

Bodifying Foam (Available in: 200ml e 6.8floz)
Bodifying Foam is a virtually weight-free, extra-hold styling foam that helps give dimension and curl definition, while regulating hair’s moisture balance without build up.

Thickening Gel (Available in: 150ml e 5.1floz)
Thickening Gel provides virtually weightless power-hold styling control, strengthening hair and helping to regulate moisture balance, while adding dimension from inside the cuticle without build-up.

Volume and Texture Crème (Available in: 150ml e 5.1floz)
Volume and Texture Crème leaves hair thicker and fuller looking, while adding weightless, natural-hold and dimension from inside the cuticle without build-up.

Liquid Sculpting Gel (Available in: 200ml e 6.8floz)
Liquid Sculpting Gel is a weight-free, extra-hold styling formula that provides memory and shine to fine hair for a wet or dry look.

Root Lifter (Available in: 200ml e 6.8floz)
Root Lifter is a virtually weightless volumizing spray that provides root support. It lifts each strand and adds fullness, volume, shine and extra-hold without sticky resins or drying alcohol.

NioSpray®  (Available in: 250g e Net Wt 8.8oz; Extra & Power also available in: 374g e Net Wt 13.2oz)
NioSpray® Regular, Extra and Power Hold humidity-resistant hairsprays are formulated to protect your fine hair from becoming dry and brittle while producing volume and texture. NioSpray® gives style and support in any weather without build-up or flaking

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nioxin volumizing reflectives root lifter 200ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Root Lifter 200ml

nioxin volumizing reflectives thickening spray 200ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Thickening Spray 200ml

nioxin volumizing reflectives niospray power hold 250ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives NioSpray Power Hold 250g

nioxin volumizing reflectives liquid sculpting gel 200ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Liquid Sculpting Gel 200ml

nioxin volumizing reflectives bodyfying foam 200ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Bodyfying Foam 200ml

nioxin volumizing reflectives bliss 200ml

Nioxin Volumizing Reflectives Bliss 200ml