Reveillance-Global Antioxidant Shield

Reveillance – the fist antioxidant face treatment with nanostructures

Reveillance – Radical Capture is the fist antioxidant face treatment, with Nanostructures, that offers a real  Global Shield against the action of free radicals protecting the skin’ s youthfulness and giving it newfound freshness.

The synergy between the unique Bioline complex  RSC - Radical Scavenger Complex (consisting of Vitamin C and 5 powerful antioxidants) and the multi-level release and permeation technique guarantees integral treatment effectiveness that gives to the skin compactness, elasticity and luminousity.
Professional treatment
Reveillance Radical Capture is a professional treatment that performs a multi-target antioxidant action. Its wide-ranging action is guaranteed by RSC - Radical Scavenger Complex – a global antioxidant complex consisting of vitamin c in synergy with 5 powerful antioxidants, a global and targeted protection that acts against cell aging. The use Reveillance Radical Capture is indicated for all skin types.

Home Care
To reinforce the cosmetic results obtained at the beautician's, it is indispensable to use the home care products of the Reveillance line regularly

DE-OX Vitamin Intensive Serum
A soft antioxidant day and night concentrate that favours the prevention of the signs of skin aging. Also indicated for the most sensitive areas such as eye (exclusively on the periocular area only) and lip contours.

DE-OX Vitamin Emulsion
Fresh and light formula for a daily antioxidant action that restores the skin’s natural hydration and freshness and reawakens extraordinary vitality. Also excellent as make-up base.

DE-OX Vitamin Cream
This rich and enveloping texture for everyday antioxidant protection preserves and nourishes the skin’s youthfulness, boosting skin toning and tissue compactness. Also excellent as make-up base.