The Pleasures of Sothys Luxury Serum
Secrets de Sothys® - a name that is synonymous with prestigious products takes anti-ageing skin care to a whole new height. For many years, these premium products have truly been the secret of youth of many women around the world.
Combining the quintessence of SOTHYS know-how, scientific progress and an in-depth understanding on skin biology, these highly innovated formulas and quality active ingredients have been meticulously selected and created for their properties and synergistic effects against skin degeneration caused by hormonal ageing (menopausal, stress), genetic ageing (physiological ageing due to age),environmental ageing (UV rays, air pollution, tobacco, etc) and mechanical ageing (ageing of muscles – expression wrinkles).
The force of Secrets de Sothys® innovation lies in the high technology formulation of Tex-OE®, an extract of prickly pears that stimulates the appearance of heat shock proteins to combat skin stress and preserve cell viability under eternal aggressions. With fragrance emitted by essential oils of Ylang-ylang and Marjoram, it conjures a sense of relaxation and awakening, which prepares the skin form aximal receptivity.
Secrets de Sothys® Global Anti-age de-stressing Serum has 3 innovative actions:-
1) Boost up skin’s natural exfoliation: to stimulate a healthy rate of cellular renewal, essential for the elimination of excessive dead skin cells. The equilibrium of the skin and the barrier function will be restored.
Active Ingredients: Prickly pear oligosaccharides that helps the skin to active its own exfoliation system.
Results: It attenuates fine lines and wrinkles giving skin a smoother and evenly toned effect. Skin will look incandescent.

2)Optimize the Cellular Nutrition: A skin dietetic action to prevent deficiencies of the vital nutrients essential to the skin’s youthful life force. Deficiencies of certain nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, proteins to name a few) can reduce the activity of cells and generate premature ageing of the skin. By understanding Skin Dietetics which provides the skin with the right nutrition, skin is able to revitalize its cellular activity and reinforce its defense potential combating ageing.
Active Ingredient: Rice Nutripeptides specially selected to assist in the assimilation of nutrients, boost cell activity and strengthen skin defense system.
Results: Skin will be nourished and revitalized as it recovers its youth.

3)Skin Neuro protective action: A synthetic dipeptide protector of the skin’s nervous system. A large fraction of the skin’s nervous system is highly exposed to environmental stresses (e.g. UV radiation or toxic substance diffusing into the skin – pollutants) causing it to be hyper-sensitive and weak regeneration which increases the rate of ageing.
Active Ingredient: Neuroactive de-peptide functions in 2 dimensions; it preserves the sensitivity function of the skin and improves cellular communication to reinforce the skin defense mechanisms.
Results: Skin will build better resistance hence preventing skin from sensitivity and delay skin ageing.

Proven Efficiency
Diminution of wrinkles’ depth (Visioscan)
15 days: - 21% After1 month: -26%
Improvement of skin’s firmness (Cutometer)
15 days: +19%After 1 month: +26%

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