Al.            Instant Radiance SPA Facial                    

A2.           Pre-Facial Anti-Stress & Tension Release Therapy                    

A3.           Body Anti-Stress & Tension Release Therapy            

A4.           Enhanced Body Anti-Stress & Tension Release Therapy                                                                         

B1. Active Eye Treatment                  
 Result: An efficient treatment against wrinkles,dark circle and eye bags.This treatment further re-firm eye contour.

B2. Essential Eye Therapy                 
 Result: An highly relaxing and refreshing treatment to improve micro-circulation.

B3. Essential Neck Therapy              
 Result. An efficient treatment to improve hydration, firmness and progressive smoothening of the lines & wrinkles.

B4.         Essential Digito Scalp Massage    
 Result: Applies a unique “hair pulling” technique & point massage for distress, relaxation, improves blood circulation & prevents hair lost...

C1. Matifying Treatment for Oily/ Problem Skin         
 Result: A treatment specifically helps clarify and purify skin by preventing blocked pores and normalizing the production of sebum.

C2. Softening Treatment for Dry Skin          
 Result: A treatment that enables our ability to protect and provide extreme comfortable skin texture.

C3. Vivifying Treatment for Normal /Combination Skin
 Result: A treatment with cell renewing properties to boost a healthy complexion and revitalize skin to restore its natural, luminous glow and radiance.