C4. Serenity Treatment for sensitive skin.
 Result. An active treatment to soothe, protects and strengthen the immune barrier of skin.      

C5. Anti Redness Treatment for Fragile Capillary skin
 Result: A treatment which strengthen the wall of capillaries and reduce redness.    

C6. Moisturizing Treatment for Dehydrated skin (suitable for all skin) 
 Result: A treatment with Vitamin F to restore skin’s hydro-lipid film and improve skin radiant and reduces appearances of fine line.      

C7. Tonifying Treatment for Loss of Firmness
 Result: A treatment to improve skin radiance & firmness of the facial contour.        

C8. Anti-Wrinkle Treatment or Prevention of Wrinkles
D1. Intensive Skin Renewal Treatment              
 Result: With double actions effect, AHA used activates cell renewal and improve skin smoothness & prevent sign of ageing.

D2  Flash Beaute with Vitamin C                                                                    
 Anti-stress, Anti Free Radical, Anti Pollution
 Result: An uplifting and invigorating treatment that has healing and rejuvenating properties to restore skin abilities to produce collagen.

D3. Correcting Treatment for acne skin        
 Result. An anti-bacteria treatment for acne skin to reduce and eliminate imperfection

D4. Skin Renewal Pre Treatment skin preparatory                                            
 Result: AHA used activates cell renewal, improve skin absorption and to enhance result of subsequent treatment.
 Strongly recommended for client with thick and tired skin.