El. Lift Defense 2
 Your answer to Muscular, Genetic & Environmental Aging, Anti-Wrinkle and Firming!
 Result  * Up to 41% filling wrinkles
  * + 72% increase density & firmness
  (with Digi-Esthetiques massage)

E2. HydroptimaleTHl3
 The 3-Dimension intelligence with 3-Actions for an ideally hydrated skin. The only care which stimulates the skin's own auto-hydration mechanisms will be truly efficient!
 Result:  An ultra-efficient treatment improve skin hydration by +206%
  (with Digi-Esthetiques massage)

E3. Oxyliance
 Your answer to Dullness / Tiredness, Pollution and Radiance!
 Result: Improve skin energy & brighten by 100% after one treatment
  (with Digi-Esthetiques massage)

E4. [W.] Lightening
 Your answer to Pigmentation, Spots, Uneven skin color
 Result: * [W.] Complex: The SOTHYS break through.
  * Pigmentation spot proven lighten - 36% at day 28; 63% at day 56.
  (with Digi-Esthetiques massage)