A new experience for the senses. Discover a New Professional Care Concept for the Body. Expert personalised programmes in a polysensorial atmosphere, combining active ingredients and specific movements for highly targeted effects. The pleasure of cocoon products with unique formulas for a absolute well being……….  

Dry Rituals - Modelling
To reinforce the efficiency of each care, Sothys has created and adapted a specific manual technique, the Digi Esthetique

Slimness metamorphosis
A slimness modeling with citrus essential oils (lemon, grapefruit) and vegetal essence (cypress, cedar, juniper..)

Peace for the senses
A soothing modeling with orange and marjoram essential oils. A true destressing moment.

Purifying Back Treatment
An treatment that reduces congestion and detoxification for back

Back Blemish Treatment
A clarifying treatment that reduces inflammation and imperfection with anti-bacteria action.

Lightening Back Treatment
With active action effect, AHA activates cell renewal and prevent pimple problem.

Lightening Under Arm Treatment
An effective treatment that eliminates dead cell to reveal smooth skin.

WET RITUALS - Exfoliation
Exhilarating exfoliation with ginger          
An unctuous exfoliating balm with delightful spicy notes. An invitation to travel

Wake Up exfoliation
A marine salt exfoliation with essential oils of citrus fruits. Toning effect guaranteed. Or for a marine exotic option, a delicious exfoliation with spices and essential oils of ginger, nutmeg and orange for a soft and delicately perfumed skin

Soft delight exfoliation
A soft exfoliation with Loofah, a real delight ofr sensitive skins

Delicious Scrub
A full body exfoliating treatment to deep cleanse and detoxification