New Age

Pollution strained,,Tired & Prematurely Aged Skin, skin to appear clearer, luminous and soft

For Pollution strained,Tired & Prematurely Aged Skin

This Treatment makes our skin appears clearer, more luminous and soft to touch. It improves skin hydration and elasticity.
The professional New Age treatment, suitable for all skin types that have to defend against strain, pollution and thermal stress. The main ingredient of the range is pure Vitamin C obtained by cold-extraction, renowned for its anti-oxidising properties. The synergic action of Vitamin C and other active ingredients of this treatment protect skin from the damage of free radicals, and reduce imperfections due to skin aging and dehydration for a more beautiful, more luminous and firmer skin. It is equally effective for very sensitive, couperose prone, devitalized or precociously aged skins too