Vintage 79

Essential & versatile ingredients combining serums, creams & masks, and offering a wide variety of basic treatments

Vintage 79 has been created to offer a range of "essential" and highly versatile products combining serums, creams and masks, and offering a wide variety of basic treatments based on skin type and characteristics, giving complete professional satisfaction

Vintage 79-Most Hydrating & Sweet Relief Treatment for Dehydrated Skin ( suitable for all skin )

Most Hydrating, a range of products to preserve and enhance skin hydration, protecting its natural youth, beauty and elasticity. Its active principles, delivered thanks to a unique, innovative carrier system, ensure correct water supply, but most of all keep the skin hydrated and capable to actively maintain its optimal hydration levels. MOST HYDRATING optimizes water metabolism. It hydrates deep down and helps the skin adapt to the stress caused by outer and inner dehydration. Characterised by the presence of strongly hydrating substances acting against dehydration and water loss.

Vintage 79-Age Defense & Perfect Contour Treatment                

A range of innovative, essential products to preserve and enhance skin functions, safeguarding lipid content and firmness. It acts on the main problems caused by skin ageing, effectively against any sign of ageing on face, neck and neckline. It grants tone and elasticity, has lipo-proctective actions and enhances luminosity. The face natural beauty is restored thanks to new found relaxed, smooth features and uniform complexion. This treatment is provided with an innovative system to deliver their active principles, a pool of lipo-restoring, distressing and revitalizing ingredients.