Elisir di Vita

Against oxidative stress and free radicals

A total immersion into Bacchus kingdom with this range of beauty products for the body, rich in grape extracts, to grant vitality to the skin and some very pleasant body and mind sensations.
The body skin is activated, stimulated and oxygenated thanks to the beneficial properties of wine, grapes and vitamins.
The treatment is indicated for all types of skin but especially for toxinated tissues, lacking tone and oxygenation.

Grape Mousse Mask
A true beauty vintage for the body, to stimulate the skin and protect it from stress and free radicals.

Natural Force Grape Concentrate
Active fluid that releases a wholly natural energy, for a highly stimulating and rebalancing action on toxinated tissues with fat pads or cellulites.

Grape Balsam
We captured the natural aromas of grapes and wine, to be slowly released during massage for a soft and velvety skin