Armonia Alpestre

The skin is freed of toxins and purified by the proven efficacy of hay and alpine flowers.

Their fragrances were captured in these products to stimulate the body and mind. The treatment is indicated for toxinated, swollen tissues, showing fluid retention, fat pads and cellulitis. Our special cosmetic formula allows to obtain maximum benefit from these healthy alpine herbs.

Natural Force Alpine Flowers and Hay Concentrate
A fluid rich in hay and high mountain flower extracts, with proven beneficial properties; helps detoxify and stimulate body tissues. 

Alpine Flowers and Hay Mask
To wrap you up in a warm feeling of well being that will spread to the whole body. Pleasantly stimulates body and mind with an embrace of old style fragrances and aromas, leaving the skin tonic, pleasantly scented, free from toxins and impurities.

Alpine Bioaroma Oil
Precious plant oils enriched with natural alpine essences for an incredible feeling of relaxation and well being to pervade the whole body.