Rugiada del Mattino

A unique hydration, a physical sense of well being reminding of meadows, dew and fresh flower scents.

The skin is pampered, protected and hydrated with Wild Rose, Blueberry, Elder and Strawberry extracts. It’s the ideal beauty treatment for fluid retention, orange peel skin and general capillary fragility.

Natural Force Forest Berries and Fruit Concentrate
The highly concentrated forest berries extract in the fluid make it particular pleasant and effective on the skin

Forest Berries and Fruits Gel Mask
A cascade of scent and aroma from the forest embracing body and mind in a fresh, soothing and rebalancing compress, for the body to get all the hydration, protection and softness it needs.

Forest Bioaroma Oil
The scent and beneficial properties of forest berries and soft fruit are captured in this naturally aromatic oil to nourish and pamper the skin, and restore tone and vitality.