Energia Vitale

Dry skin is no longer a problem: extracts from apple, apricot and mountain honey are an ideal mix to nourish and regenerate the skin and make it more elastic.

A treatment suitable for all types of skin, but especially for dry skins, with poor elasticity and signs of loosening or stretch marks.

Natural Force Mountain Apple and Apricot Concentrate
A concentrate of energy for the skin, highly vitalizing and tonifying thanks to the presence of natural, vitamin rich substances.

Mountain Apple and Honey Balsam
The scents and beneficial properties of apricot, apple, and honey from a variety of wild mountain flowers come together in this balsam, to tonify and soften the skin, making it especially vital and luminous.

Mountain Apple and Honey Mask
A total immersion in the softness of fruit, enriched with precious oils for a complete, all pervading and unique sense of well being. A true beauty treatment for dry skin; afterwards, it will feel pleasantly elastic, tonic and well nourished.